Photographing wild living horses at night

2019 was a year rich in travels. Like every year, so in this one, I went to visit Great Britain – the country that was once my home.

During my annual travels there, apart of visiting friends and places close to my heart, I like to gather new experiences and do things that I haven’t done before. This time I asked you, what should be my new challange while visiting this country. The response I received from you was enormous. Your commitment of making a task for me, their ingenuity and diversity, made it not easy to choose only one! But after many days of thinking hard, I’ve made my decisions – I choose a challange from my Instagram friend @wolfytale, who came up with idea:

I knew one place where I could feel confident enough to try accomplish this task – Dartmoor National Park. Covering an area of about one thousand square kilometers of moorland in the county of Devon. Sounds like big area for search of ponies but landform of hilly and wide open space without forests, in good weather conditions provides good visibility.

Spending a lot of time in this area while living in Devon a few years back, allowed me to get to know some groups of horses and their daily routine. Now it gaves me some idea in which areas we could find them. All these circumstances were a big advantage that could help in this task.

So if you are curious how our adventure of looking for wild horses at night looked like,
if we completed the task and how the results came out, be sure to watch this episode:

For the inventor of this challenge, I brought this beautiful handcraft cup pad made by a local artist and an original postcard from Dartmoor National Park!